The Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) is Canada’s only national public foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls.

CWF funds, researches and shares the best approaches to:

  • Ending violence against women
  • Moving low-income women out of poverty
  • And building strong, resilient girls

We Fund Dynamic Community Initiatives

CWF has granted over $15 million to 825 grassroots programs across Canada that focus on helping women and girls who face multiple barriers, and have the least access to resources and opportunities.

CWF-funded initiatives go through a rigorous grant selection process, and are informed by a national strategy on each issue. A national panel of experts and community leaders screen applications, only offering funding to initiatives that promise a major long-term impact.

We Lead Change and Share Knowledge
CWF researches and shares the most effective approaches to helping women and girls reach their full potential, and has developed national strategies on ending violence against women, moving low-income women out of poverty, and building strong, resilient girls. Each provides a framework to inform our granting strategy and guide organizations that help women and girls across the country.

We Establish Best Practices
We bring together organizations that work with women and girls for skills training and knowledge exchange, and work with them to develop evaluation tools that reveal the most promising practices for helping women and girls.

We are Building a Community of Women Helping Women
CWF is advancing the potential for women to become powerful agents of social change. Through initiatives like Women Play BIG and CWF donor education sessions, we are connecting women with their values and helping them to strategically pool their resources in initiatives that are both changing the lives of women and girls, and improving the long-term social and economic outlook for Canada.