You don’t need to be told that 1 in 7 women lives in poverty – likely you know that already.

You don’t need to be told that women fall into poverty for reasons that could happen to any us; illness, divorce, violence, immigration, or job loss.

But you should know this – just $2500 will set in motion one woman’s journey out of poverty and towards financial independence.

Welcome to Women Moving Women, a national movement created by the Canadian Women’s Foundation to change the face of poverty in Canada. The premise is simple: 2500 women donating $2500 to move 2500 women out of poverty.

It’s ambitious, achievable, and absolutely necessary. But we need YOUR support right this moment. Your one-time gift of $2500 – or a monthly gift of $41.70 for 5 years – or a yearly $500 gift – will help support one woman’s determination to transform her life.

By funding her participation in a life-changing program you’ll get her back on her feet both financially; through skill-based training, and personally; by supporting her in other aspects of her life like building confidence, networking, and securing child care.

The need is great, but the solution is simple: YOU. Please join Women Moving Women today. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll be glad to know that in five years you will have helped transform a woman’s life.

We like to say thank you to our supporters:

There’s only one thing left for you to do – click here to take a woman out of poverty.


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